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SE Loan - Business Loan in Singapore

We offer a wide variety of packages to suit the unique needs of small and medium sized businesses in Singapore. Our packages come with attractive interest rates and flexible repayment plans. You won’t get a better deal anywhere else.

Are you looking to expand your business? Are you having problems with cash flow in your business? You may want to consider taking a business loan from SE Loan.

Business Loan in Singapore


Our Business Loan Features:

Our business loans includes features such as:

Fast approval

We have refined the approval process for our business loans. You can now receive your business loan in less than two working days. You simply need to submit your application and await approval.

We understand that when you make an application for a business loan in Singapore, you’ll need the money as soon as possible. We’ve made the process for applying and processing of loans simple. You don’t have to worry about waiting for countless weeks for a simple loan.

No red tape

Are you tired of all the red tape that comes with applying for loans with other financial institutions? You don’t have to worry about that with us. We won’t ask you for copies of every single document your business has. We only require the basic information on your business in order to process your loan. Accessing a Singapore business loan with SE Loan is that easy.

Unsecured loans

You don’t have to own property to get a loan with us. We offer unsecured loans for our business clients. You therefore don’t need to have any collateral. Simply talk to any of our loan officers and find out what you need in order to qualify for a loan with us.



We process each application for business loans on a case by case basis. We therefore treat each application uniquely because we believe each client and his business is unique. However, the minimum requirements for qualifying for a loan from us are:

1.Your business must be registered and operating within Singapore
2. Your business must have a minimum of 50% local shareholding

We will also require some documents from you. It is important to speak to a loan officer before making your application in order to ensure that you have all the documents required. This will speed up the loan process. Some of the documents required include:

1. Identification documents of the owners of the business
2. Bank statements of the business from the last 6 months
3. Income tax notice of assessment of the partners or sole proprietor of the business.